ACS ALL CAR SYSTEM, unless otherwise specified in the agreement with the customer,
provides for 24 months overhaul, repairs, or replacements made interventions on the units,
the units provided in rotation or new.

Is faculty of ALL CAR SYSTEM assess whether a product warranty can be restored to
its original condition and the same faculty to decide whether to provide a replacement
product or refund the cost of delivery or surgery performed.

The warranty is voided in cases where they occur:
- Damage caused by water or liquid infiltration
- Fire, flames or cortocircuitazioni
- Surge
- Defective components of the vehicle related to the unit repaired, overhauled or provided in rotation
- Improper use or failure to apply the installation instructions - alignment - programming
  The warranty conditions do not include:
- Manpower, installing or removing modules or complementary units to the unit repaired, overhauled,
  supplied in rotation.
- Consumables
- Diagnosis, planning, alignment
- Operating costs, parking, self-rescue or towing.
- Damage resulting from loss of use of vehicle