We have worked for many years in electronics, mechatronics and electromechanical applied to vehicles and beyond.
We always try to have the best quality and reliability at affordable prices.
Our goal is to grow, to allow those who use our services to have a serious and professional partner, a company you can count on.
We have a team of skilled technicians, a team specific to a single type of product.
We are reliable because it grows only specializing in quality.

ABS pumps, engine control units, Injection Controllers, Power steering, electric turbines, steering, climate control panels, compressors Climate A / C, alternators, starter motors, Dashboards, EGR valves and throttle bodies, Control Head automatic and automated gears.
This is just a sample of the products that we are able to test, repair, overhaul or provide already reconditioned.
You always give a guarantee on our operations or products that we send you.
Some of the products already reconditioned there are supplied by partner companies at European level, affordable, without ever sacrificing quality. Be wary of who knows how to test everything, repair everything,
always, and for each type of failure, it would be nice but it does not.
Install, still have failures, and remove the failing device is a cost, not only for the detention and stop of the vehicle.



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